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Haven spent 25+ years in marketing, sales and business development leading teams, developing talent, crafting campaigns and generating new revenues to grow businesses. She worked for such notables as RJR Nabisco, Sega of America, and Sony PlayStation.

But she was mostly in disease. Saying yes to everything and everyone except herself.
Listening to all but not herself.
In her first Nia class, Haven heard her true calling and never turned back. Her passion for Nia and its body, mind, emotion and spirit healing led to her Reiki JinKei Do/Buddho~EnerSense and integral to this lineage, a dedication to meditation and awareness, mindfulness and compassion.
Now Haven helps corporate professionals and business owners be their best at work and at home. Whether it’s experiencing the expansion of time and space through meditation and visualization or using more traditional, practical tools, Haven shows people how to accomplish more in less time.
She guides people so they slow down and regain clarity on what is really important for their businesses and lives.
After working with her, clients say they are better able to manage their time and emotions, are more focused and productive, and feel less stressed. Many say they experience more mental clarity and are happier, are more empathetic, and are even more emotionally intelligent.
Speaking and teaching Mindfulness and Meditation to organizations and departments and groups within companies, Haven works with each client to customize their program to meet the individual needs and goals for that specific group.
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