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Haven helps busy professionals be their best at work and at home. She uses practical tools to show people how to get more done in less time, find balance, create a bigger impact, and make more money. She utilizes energy therapy to help them break through mental and emotional blocks and she teaches the sustainable practices mindfulness and meditation so they learn how to slow down.

Haven believes speed is the illusion of mastery and in order to be your best, you need to slow down. Then you can get crystal clear about your priorities and you can focus and be super productive.

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“At the beginning of my private consult/coaching session with Haven, I didn’t really know what I wanted or needed. She started with a mindfulness exercise
followed by two brilliant questions that set the tone for the session and gave me focus and direction. All the ideas that were circling around my head came in for a landing and at the end I had a clear, detailed picture of how all the pieces fit together. Haven’s coaching is a beautiful synthesis of mindfulness, creative thinking, and practical strategies. I walked away from the session with a plan that I knew was completely possible. Thank you, Haven!”

Katherine S.

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