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Haven offers Reiki Jin Kei Do, Buddho~EnerSense, and Access Consciousness The Bars energy therapy modalities.

Reiki is an ancient healing therapy modality that balances your overall energy, your physical body, your mental body, your emotional body, and your spirit body. Reiki is light-touch or hovering-hands therapy and balances the chakra systems and major organs. It is always for our highest soul’s growth and highest soul’s good. Reiki always knows where to go and Reiki can never harm you. (In energy therapy, when we say healing, we mean to feel better.)

When giving Reiki in the Jin Kei Do tradition it is a loving-kindness meditation for the client.  Buddho~EnerSense is a more ancient form of Reiki and goes beyond the chakra and major organ systems to additional points and pathways, touching every little cell in your body for balance and wellness.

Access Consciousness The Bars is akin to having your mind reboot, just as you restart or reboot your computer or smart phone when it “just doesn’t seem to be working right”. The Bars helps you release old feelings, beliefs, and ideas that no longer serve or may even be stifling or holding you back from being your best or accomplishing your goals. When delivering a Bars session, the practitioner accesses specific scalp points which relate directly to your ideas, feelings, and beliefs around money, control, creativity, communication, and more.

Haven is a Reiki Jin Kei Do Master and Teacher, Buddho~EnerSense Level III Practitioner, and Access Consciousness The Bars practitioner. Haven is certified to initiate or attune and teach all levels of Reiki Jin Kei Do and Buddho~EnerSense Levels I, II, and III.

“I started seeing Haven for Reiki and Buddho after taking my Nia White Belt. My right knee was really hurting and by doing Reiki with Haven that pain has lessened. She is amazing and has been helping me to heal on a spiritual, emotional and physical level. I have been able to release trauma that has been stuck in my body. Haven is amazing. I love Reiki.”

Julie S.

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