Jimmie Ward Jersey I LOVE Change! Or so I thought... - Haven E. Carter

I love change. Don’t you?

vibrant colors

I love change. Give me four seasons, load in lots of colors, throw in some comedy and tragedy, spice it up withchaos and grief and I am in heaven.

I have always thrived on change. I’m at my best with some unexpected shakeup at work or at home. I rise to the occasion.

Living, traveling to unknown places

I think that’s one reason I love to travel. And I don’t do a lot of research in advance. I don’t.

We got on a bareboat in Greece once with two weeks, a final destination, a map, groceries, guidebooks and set sail! What discoveries we made. I broke the middle toe on my left foot in Mykonos. It’s never been the same.

I really don’t mind the minor hassles and typically consider it part of the adventure. Being in Denmark last signs to wheresummer called me to consider once again “live abroad!”.

While backpacking through Europe back in the day with my girlfriend Stacey, we truly planned to find jobs and stay in Germany for a while. Why didn’t we? Oh, yeah, no money in it. All the young people said they were trapped. “Keep traveling,” they advised.

Living in Sydney, even for a short six weeks, was exhilarating!

Some of my friends think I’m an Outlander for living on the west coast for 20 years! It was fabulous. It made trips to New Zealand, Japan, China, even Hawaii that much closer.

Closer to home

My mother taught me well. During times of great tragedy and heartache, that’s usually when the big changes are occurring, my mother was a solid foundation of strength, wisdom, courage, comfort, and love. I’m sure I’m not all that but sometimes I truly desire a big life “earthquake” so I can rest in my mother’s assuredness, safety, and mostly, affection while she’s still with me.

Little Changes

On Monday, I was at the pharmacy picking my asthmas inhaler refill. The pharmacist said my inhaler was new and much easier to use. “The dosage is dispensed by your breath. It’s more effective, efficient, and all around better,” she informed me.

I felt my entire body tighten, my head ached, my throat felt dry and itchy, and my hands began to sweat. “You want me to change my inhaler?”

She calmly repeated the features and benefits and more. I asked again incredulously, “How can I change when I am used to my inhaler?”

Then I heard myself, paused, and began to giggle. I thought what am I resisting?

Help? An easier way? Better? More? Abundance? All of the above?


Do you like change? What are you resisting? Anything?

Watch. Listen. Notice.

Love to hear from you…

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