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Mindfulness and Meditation

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Haven knows mindfulness through a meditation practice is the key to success. Sitting in stillness brings a deep presence, a higher awareness so we pay attention to everything. This presence and attention begins with ourselves and spreads to all around us.

When we calm our minds, we get clear about what’s important and the unimportant things fall away. We are present to the here and now without judgment. We can see more clearly and approach situations with deep care and attention.

Meditation helps us remember that we are all connected. We are all the same and we all want the same things. We remember that love is the only thing. Love answers all questions. Love heals all wounds. Love. Love. Love.

Love is the root of kindness, compassion, patience, gratitude, appreciation, pleasure, joy, generosity, consideration, benevolence, sympathy, helpfulness, charity, empathy, gentleness, care, concern, delight, and gladness.

What else do we as humanity want from ourselves and others but to love and be loved?

Look to those you admire as successful and you will see they do one thing, maybe two. They focus. They love themselves first. Not in a selfish way. In a self-care way. They take good care and they focus on what is important. They go slow at first, they practice in slow motion, and then when they are ready, they can go fast. Then we marvel at their speed and mastery. But they are just like us. Except they are focused, efficient, and full of love.

“Haven embodies the very essence of the compassion she teaches during her meditation classes. Her teaching style is relatable, natural, loving, and reassuring. I am forever grateful to her for the profound impact she has had and continues to have on my life. Thank you Haven for sharing your kindness, wisdom, and the amazing gift of meditation. Your teachings and guidance are truly a blessing.”

Julie H.

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“Haven was first exposed to mindfulness at a spa on retreat. It was wonderful. Such a calming and peaceful way of living. Haven was convinced that she would practice mindful walking, eating, and sitting when she got home. As soon as they drove away from the center, she was back to her mindless, unthoughtful ways.”

She teaches mindfulness and meditation in your workplace, in your home, and in your everyday life so you will integrate it organically and make it an integral part of your life.

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