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Jin or Benevolence Meditation

Using the 4 Components of Jin in a Mudra to Amplify Benevolence for Ourselves and All Others

Jin is Japanese for Benevolence. In Pali, the language of the Buddha, the four components of Jin are
  • metta
  • karuna
  • mudita
  • upekkha

This guided meditation based in the tradition of my Reiki Jin Kei Do and Buddho~EnerSense lineage brings these four elements of love into our hearts and bodies to expand and amplify divine love within ourselves and out beyond ourselves to all beings.

You will feel your heart open and expand in fresh and distinct ways each time you experience this unique meditation.


Living in Your Zone of Genius

How to Lead and Succeed on Your Own Terms

Do you dread getting up and going to work?
Are you tired of someone else always seeming to be in control of your time, your
schedule, your money, your life?
Are you ready to be focused, productive, creative, and in control of your day and destiny?
I can help you reclaim your life in this FREE video webinar.
You will:
  • learn how to change your perspective about your work and life
  • discover how to put yourself first
  • get tools to help you gain clarity, get focused, and be more productive NOW
  • learn techniques that allow you to ‘Say YES’ to yourself and ‘no’ to what really doesn’t matter with No Guilt
  • and more!
Say YES to Living in Your Zone of Genius. Just click on the video and start living it NOW.
Aren’t you ready to Live in Your Zone of Genius?
Learn How to Live, Lead, and Succeed on Your Terms!


Mindful Moments at Work

How to Step Out of Overwhelm & Into Clarity, Peace, and Success

Are you ready to feel accomplished and happy when you leave work each day?
Shift from distraction, frustration, and overwhelm to focus, clarity, and peace.
In this online course, over the course of 4 sessions, you will become more self-aware, learn and practice the tools to bring clarity and peace. Then you can enjoy success in your work and whole life. You can live in your genius zone every day.
You will:
  • Establish daily self-care rituals that set you up for success
  • Set strong, healthy boundaries
  • Realign with your values and purpose
  • Understand your strengths and motivations
  • And much more!
Are you tired of feeling like you will never get it all done and then beating yourself up over it?
Isn’t it time to move from overwhelm to JOY?


Guided Meditations

Receiving Grace – series of four guided meditations


  • Grace of Surrender     
  • Grace of Forgiveness     
  • Grace of Acceptance     
  • Grace of Appreciation
  • *Bonus* Grace of Abundance

We don’t have to earn grace. Yet as humans, we deny ourselves grace and often need permission from others for grace, like from someone we deem holy or sacred. In these four meditations, using a river as the metaphor, grace is offered for releasing our pain and suffering so we can strengthen our hearts and be free.

All four recordings include affirmations, binaural beats, and specially selected music.
*You may also purchase any of the individual guided meditations for only

Listen to a short sample of Receiving Grace here:

Body Wisdom – series of four guided meditations, two morning meditations (one longer, one shorter) and two bedtime meditations (one longer, one shorter)


All four recordings include affirmations, binaural beats, and specially selected music.

” I love the reminder to listen to my body and trust its wisdom. I’ve been remembering to do that during the day – such a good practice. Congratulations on creating these amazing offerings. Thank you! – Satisfied Client

Listen to a short sample of Body Wisdom here:


Inner Guidance


In this meditation, you can learn to trust the guidance that comes from the wiser more connected you.

Tap into your expanded consciousness that vibrates at the frequency of love abundance and wisdom, and in any situation, already has the answers you’re seeking.

During this meditation, there are several questions to answer. Listen with your heart and trust what you hear in response to the questions. You can answer them in your mind, or you can write them down as you go.

The meditation can be used over and over for any new situation where you require inner guidance.

“I love your meditation! Love the music, the narration and the message. It was very helpful in exposing and exploring some of my fears about a decision I am facing. It was seriously amazing and powerful and I got a big YES!!”


“I have been listening to the meditation for several days. It has been a great help, allowing me to relax and look at a situation in my life from a different point of view. Whenever I listened to the audio I felt my temperature rise and I became more aware of my body and the tensions I was holding.
The questions were really powerful and realizing that there were some thoughts coming to my mind again and again helped me to pay attention to them from another perspective. What seemed a huge problem slowly became smaller and I can now manage the situation much better.”

Focus Meditation for Relaxed Concentration

Focus is a 45 minute program for relaxed concentration. It is a combination of brown noise, the sound of rain, and a frequency of 432 Hz.  It works best with earphones.

Use Focus as a background while you’re working on a project or during a regular workday to:

  • Clarify your thoughts and ideas.
  • Bring more creativity to what you’re doing.
  • Allow more insight and possibility to emerge.
  • Increase your ability to focus without struggle or striving.


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