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Speaking Topics

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Living in Your Zone of Genius:

How to Lead and Succeed on Your Terms

Do you dread getting up and going to work?

Are you tired of someone else always seeming to be in control of your time, your schedule, your money, your life?

Are you ready to be focused, productive, creative, and in control of your day and destiny?

You’ll learn:

  1. How to change your perspective about your work and life
  2. How to put yourself first
  3. Gain clarity, get focused, and be more productive
  4. Say yes to yourself and no to what really doesn’t matter with no guilt
  5. And more

Mindfulness: Secret Skill of Legendary Leaders

The practice of presence or mindfulness establishes and supports the skills and characteristics needed for the legendary leaders today. Leaders such as Marc Benioff, Oprah, Arianna Huffington, Tony Schwartz, and Ray Dalio say meditation and mindfulness contribute to their success every day. These practices lead to emotional intelligence, trustworthiness, positivity, empowerment, authenticity, confidence, and open communication.

What You’ll Learn:

1-how mindfulness will enhance and improve the relationships within teams, among colleagues, and in resulting work produced

2-how to develop, support and incorporate mindfulness practices at work

3-why mindfulness is needed and will create resiliency, reduce stress, and allow team members to adjust quickly in a fast-changing environment

Reduce Stress, Create Success – Seven Easy Ways to Reduce and Prevent Stress So You Can Be Your Best Every Day!

When we do what we love, we are in flow and ease and we take excellent care of ourselves. When we take excellent care of ourselves, everything flows through us and to us with ease. We are at our best – our essential best – in our creative mode, our genius zone.

In this zone, we breathe deeply, we are mindful and we live in the here and now, paying attention to the present moment. We judge less and appreciate more. We find the brilliance and beauty in everything and everyone. We are curious and open. We connect with ourselves – body, mind, spirit and emotion. We are better listeners – to ourselves, our bodies – and to others.

We cannot live here when we are STRESSED OUT.

What you’ll learn:

  1. How to move from reacting to responding and even choosing whether to or not so you can continue to create the life and success you desire
  2. Easy-to-implement tools to keep you cool under pressure
  3. The importance of self-care
  4. The seven easy ways to reduce and prevent stress
  5. How to live in your zone of genius

Mindfulness & Meditation: Harnessing Your Competitive Edge

Do you beat yourself up for not getting everything done every day? Are you ready to give yourself a break? Ready to turn off­ the fight or flight stressing?

It’s time to slow down so you can get your priorities in order, focus, be more productive, and then move quickly, efficiently, and e­ffectively with sustainable energy.

Youll learn:

  1. Techniques to calm your nervous system, slow your heart rate, and increase your focus.
  2. Ways to get grounded, centered, and supported for the work that is meaningful and important to you.
  3. Practices that will retrain your brain for more productivity, creativity, focus, and energy.

Milk Every Moment

Everyday Mindfulness for Real People

Or Real Ways to Be Mindful in Little Ways Every Day without Drastically Changing your Life (But It Will Change your Life)

Based on Haven’s book, Mindful Moments: Everyday Mindfulness for Real People this talk demonstrates how we can slow down and find pleasure in even the most mundane moments of our day. Exploring mornings, cooking, eating, driving, relationships, and more, to examine how to just be, notice, and question what is here and now so you can be happier and more successful.

You’ll learn and discover:

  1. Five tips on beginning your day mindfully to set you up for success all day long
  2. The best, most simple, and easiest way to calm your emotions and nervous system when upset
  3. How eating mindfully can actually help you lose weight
  4. Ideas to stimulate your relationships
  5. How slowing down can actually increase your performance and recognition

Stop Dreading Your Work Day Now –

Five Simple Rituals That Bring Back the Joy

These five simple rituals take only a few moments and will make you feel fantastic! Taking a little time for yourself each morning with these beautiful practices will set you up for joy, peace, and success each and every day. You’ll find that you look forward this ‘me’ time as you discover how much these rituals enrich your life, fill your heart, and brighten your overall outlook on work, home, and life.

You will learn:

  1. The five rituals that bring back the joy and success
  2. How to make them a habit in your life
  3. Why they will make you successful at work and at home
  4. Why the rituals are important
  5. The importance of self-care for health and prosperity


“Haven spoke to my civic club on Stress Management. We’re a boisterous crowd and not prone to pay the best attention to our speakers, however, from the moment Haven started talking, you could hear a pin drop. Her compelling explanation of the effects of stress on our lives as well as her top three ways to manage and reduce stress, including a short demonstration, resonated with all members.  Everyone enjoyed Haven’s presentation and I highly recommend her as a speaker for your group.”

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