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“People all over the world, Join hands, Start a love train” ~ The O’Jays

Ever since Dallas a couple of weeks ago, I’ve been dancing a love mix routine in my Nia classes. We’ve been focusing on LOVE with the intent to create love and spread love within ourselves, our communities and to infect everyone we meet with love by responding with love. I was reflecting on this…creating love, pausing and responding with love and then it hit me, what if creating and responding with love becomes a habit so that I actually begin to REACT with LOVE?! How cool would this be?!

I mean I espouse to my consulting and mindfulness clients that in order to be in our peak performance zone where we’re creating our dreams, we have to take excellent care of ourselves. We love ourselves, love on ourselves, take joy and pleasure and find beauty in everything, and are mindful . We move from reacting to responding to creating.

So now this love becomes the new norm, the habit, our customary response to everything. LOVE is our reaction no matter what comes at us! Wow!

I shared this with my friend BJ Davis and her beautiful insight “if we don’t quickly move ‘love’ into the parking space of a response, something else will park there, resentment, anger, hurt, jealousy…and those are hard to move out (parking hogs for sure)” reminded me that love is the antidote to all negative emotions and especially to fear. And there is a lot of fear being pushed on us lately.

So, let’s create a love train, let’s get everyone on board. Let’s create a love storm. Let’s respond with love so often that we start to react with love. And when we don’t, we begin again. After all, love is the answer, no matter the question.

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